nick van veluwen dirtyfrequence prsoducerNick van Veluwen, better known as Dirtyfrequence, discovered his passion for music at a young age.
For example, beating pans and pressing every button in the toy store, his enthusiasm for music never went unnoticed.
He got to know several music genres early on, partly thanks to his parents. Cassette tapes, CDs, vinyl records and the radio played day after day. The interest in pianos, guitars and other instruments was also present early on, everything that generated sound caught his attention.

During his high school years, friends were rapping, which naturally caught his attention. Nick spent hours in his bedroom producing hip hop beats at his computer. After making several beats for various (unknown) rappers in the country, he started producing for himself at the age of 18 (around 2012) under the name: Dirtyfrequence.

In the beginning, he was mainly producing Dubstep. With his fast workflow, he threw out song after song.
Gradually he got to know people within the genre such as promoters, DJs, producers and especially fans.
Gradually his music was increasingly posted on larger pages on Soundcloud (including the Dubstep platform from, Nick became more motivated than ever.
He was involved in this until around 2017. Until then, he had been experimenting a lot with other genres, such as: trap, house, hip-hop and hardstyle.
Although the songs were never released, it has shown that his interest is broader than just dubstep. Around 2017 he turned around and said goodbye to the dubstep genre and started producing pop music, under his own artist alias and behind the scenes for singer/songwriters.

Nick is bursting with ideas and plans for the future with producing and knows that this is what he likes most. When not working on songs for himself, he also likes to focus on producing instrumentals for other artists. In his own words, Nick has already produced more than 400 songs under the name Dirtyfrequence.
Dirtyfrequence is very diverse in terms of productions, has been introduced to many different genres and has a fast workflow. Nick knows very well what he is doing, what his goals are and where his talents lie. At the moment he is busy making new music, including for singer/songwriters, Coaching Singer/songwriters and familiarizing starting artists with the music world, but of course also producing and releasing new own songs!